Impressive PDX Eats

To celebrate the half marathons my sister and I accomplished, we decided to visit our friend
Katiee in Portland. Our initial goal was to spend some good quality time playing catch up and exploring a new city. Our end result, we may have fallen in love with all of the wonderful eats that Portland has to offer.

 [Voodoo Donuts – voodoo, captain crunch, bacon maple donuts]

The bacon maple was everything I expected and more. K and I thoroughly enjoyed. Sharing it was just the right amount of salty and sweet that we both craved.

[Pok Pok eats – chilled mustard greens, Muu Paa Kham Wan boar meat, Jasmine rice, papaya salad, Ike’s Vietnamese Fish Sauce Wings plate,  Phat Si Ew, wings bowl, Yam Kai Dao salad]

BEST.LUNCH.EVER! Favorite dish had to be the boars meat that we would wrap in the mustard greens with a bit of sticky rice and their semi spicy looking soy sauce. Nom nom nom!

[Whiskey Soda Lounge – box for sticky rice, a pork dish I can’t recall the name of, Khai Luuke Khoei deep-fried boiled eggs, Huu Muu Thawt, Sup Naw Mai]

The pork was okay, but LOVED the deep fried boiled eggs! The fried pork ears were a bit more chewy than they were crunchy. And the bamboo shoots plate, well it says funky for a reason. Not our fave.

[Screen Door – my plate of fried chicken & waffle, K’s plate of cauliflower/kale/potatoes and poached egg]

My plate was out of control! Do you see the knife through it?! Absolutely delicious! Not photographed is a plate that contained the Fried Oyster Benedict. Mmm…Those fried oysters were divine!

[Salt and Straw – baby scoop of bone marrow w/ smoked cherries and giant scoop of argyle sparking brut sorbet, sea salt ice cream w/ caramel ribbon and pear w/ blue cheese, almond brittle w/ salted ganache and maybe another of sea salt ice cream]

If you can’t tell, the one with the baby scoop and sorbet is my cone. I really wanted to try the bone marrow concoction. And you know what? Pretty tasty. The others thought it was top notch as well. Needless to say, my dairy loving companions also finished their respective scoops and we left feeling quite merry. (I may have taken 2 lactaid pills immediately afterwards. Just in cases.)

PDX, I’m so coming back to eat and imbibe. The weather was definitely worth it. =)