29 and counting…

It’s been a week now since I turned 29. A few weeks ago, I was dreading it because it meant being that much closer to being 30 and I was not okay with that. The day of my birth came and it was rather delightful turning a year older.

I am thankful for my wonderful family, friends and the positivity that surrounds me. Here’s how the day, week, maybe the whole month has been looking:

[L: delicious bacon flavored soda; R: painted with a party nail]

[more bacon (and eggs) in my life for breakfast]

[L: tulips from boss; R: mini carrot cake from lunch with bosses]

[L: Korean BBQ in Westwood; R: bro bro & I outside of Royce Hall pre-RadioLab show]

[Gingergrass lunch of banana leaf fish]

Combine great food, drinks, shows, concerts, company, ambiance and you have one stellar birthday. I didn’t get crazy. I literally soaked up all the goodness that I was presented with and I continue to look forward to all the positives that continue to come my way. Many many many thanks to everyone I love. =)

getting back into it…slow and steady


It’s been quite some time now since my SD half. I rewarded myself afterwards with burgers daily for 10 days. Damn those burgers were good. I didn’t even care that it hurt my stomach at times. Then slowly, I started to lack motivation to work out. There was the trip to PDX, my sister coming home, Coachella weekend 1 and playing catch up with friends by going out to eat in between. Life’s pretty stellar, right?

Then came the come down from Coachella. That was no bueno. All last week, I was wompy and just ate and ate. I ate regardless of being hungry. It was bad news bears all around. Then I tried to go for a run and after a mile, I was exhausted. This is not like me. What happened? I think I ingested too much MSG in my life. No dice.

Now it’s time to make some changes.

As of yesterday, all the meals I ate were hand made personally by me. I even went for a run around the Silverlake Reservoir. Not once, but TWICE! 9:32min/miles for 40:59. Not too shabby for 4.3 miles.

I’m getting back into it. Slowly but surely, I’ll get back to the lifestyle I love, a lifestyle that makes me happy inside and out. Slow and steady. I’ll get there.

[happy sisters at Coachella]

I want that awesome happy feeling again post my half combined with the giddy happy feeling of watching and listening to wonderful tunes with amazing peeps around me. Time to be a winner.

p.s. Thanks to my fbb and the fam bam for helping to inspire.
turtle photo courtesy: http://bit.ly/In3Ri5


Welcome to the first blog on my own website! Trial run of the first post. What are your thoughts so far?

[my version of khao khluk kapi]