my first Half…

December 31, 2011, I decided to sign up for my first Half Marathon. It was easy to sign up after hearing that both my buddy Chris, and my sister Kristine, signed up for one. Kristine was to do her half in SF with her roommate and I was going to do the SD half with Chris and brother.

Training was inconvenient at times, but I enjoyed the fact that there was a goal to accomplish. Then, I went to SF to cheer on my sister and after seeing her cross the finish line, I was that much more pumped to get mine started.

[Kristine after crossing the Finish line]

But then I hit a speed bump. My orthotics started to bother my right foot after about 7 miles. Then I uttered the words, “I hate running” for the first time ever during my training. I reassessed. I added more yoga and some spin back into my life. I also started a low FODMAPS diet that helped my stomach and my general mood immensely. (More on that on future posts). Then during my last long run, instead of running 12miles, I miscalculated and accidentally ran 13.1miles. I was ready for my half. 

The SD Half was yesterday, March 11, 2012 and my time was 2:09:25. I started at 10:13 min pace and ended with a 9:53 min pace. It was pure joy, exhilaration, excitement, anxiety and shock all rolled into one. I beat my own goal of 2:15:00.

[baby bro and I after the finish]

So much emotion ran through me during my race. And even more so right after. Emerging into Petco Park, with all those people cheering in the stands, is a memory I will never forget. Having such wonderful friends running with me, along with the friends who came down from L.A.  to cheer, was more than I could ask for. I wish I could bottle this feeling and keep it forever. For now, I have the memory and these photos to share with you.

[the brothers and me]

[my sexy cheerleaders]

This may be a repeat thing. I hope my cheerleaders and running mates are okay with that. =)

[SD Half racers! Top: Tracy, Rebecca, Kati, Chris, Sal; Bottom: Me, Rommel]

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