You know those Carl’s Jr. commercials where some hot babe is eating a burger and the juices are dripping all over and she (or he) has to lick their fingers? Well I made a sandwich like that last night. Except my meal wasn’t a typical burger. I made it with a portobello mushroom and man was it divine!

[portobello goodness]


  • portobello mushroom (stem removed)
  • sandwich thins
  • avocado
  • lettuce
  • tomato
  • fried egg

For the moment, I am sans a grill. So to remedy this, I pan seared the portobello with extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper. I put the mushroom top side down first and to help flatten it, I put a bowl full of water on top for weight. Not the most conventional way of doing things, but it totally worked! Got me a flat mushroom top to layer with. Toast the sandwich thin and generously apply avo to one side, then the tomato slices, lettuce, mushroom and finally, add a fried egg with an oozing yolky center.

Oh the flavors!!! Simple food with such big taste. And the juices oozing out was one of the best things ever! Hand pat in the back for sure. 

[left: my burger, right: mama’s burger]

I even made my mom one and she thought it was really good. We both agreed that neither of us missed the fact that there wasn’t meat in our dinners. A very satisfying meatless burger. My mom has already requested this dish for future meals to come. I love how open she is to healthier eating habits! Cheers to you mama!

p.s. you may need several napkins for the mess you’re about to make or just use a spoon to scoop up that deliciousness. 

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