How to make food for one

This is the ever continuous battle I go through when making meals for myself. I think it’s because a) I don’t know how to portion well and b) what if I want more as leftovers later? I think I’ve devised a simple plan. Moderation is not my strongest characteristic, so I’ve started using that to my advantage.

Make a three serving meal, but really it will be a two serving meal because I tend to go back for seconds and then the leftover will be lunch for the next day.


Tuesday’s dinner is Wednesday’s lunch.

[ground chix & baby bok choy over brown rice]

How to cook above dish seen here.

Wednesday’s dinner and Thursday’s lunch.

[bell peppers with gardein chick’n w/ cilantro & avo over brown rice]

I basically pan seared the bell peppers in Earth Balance, then tossed the chick’n in with some cilantro and a bit of red pepper flakes for flavor. I squeezed a bit of lime juice on top, right before turning the pan off, then plated over brown rice. Half an avo was used to add creamyness to the top along with a bit more red pepper flakes for color.

Thursday night’s dinner and Friday’s lunch.

[bell peppers, portabello mushrooms, carrots & gardein chick’n w/ “teriyaki” sauce over brown rice]

This dish was pretty much made like the above bell peppers combo except I added mushroom to it and went with the Asian theme using Tamari soy sauce and a bit of brown sugar. I don’t know how much of each I used, but essentially I did it by taste. Aren’t bell peppers so versatile? ¬†This tasted even better the next day when the “teriyaki” flavor set in.

Simple, easy, delicious meals for one. More brainstorming eats to come. Any other way you prepare baby bok choy or bell peppers?

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