May Day, day one

Protests? Fighting for one’s rights? Naw, none of that for me. I have my own issues to battle and conquer. Ya I’m selfish. No bigs.

Today marks day one of my quest to be Tough Mudder ready.

I recently signed up to do this 10-12 mile run challenge riddled with 25 military style obstacles. A buddy of mine convinced me to sign up and only recently did I realize that so much preparation needs to happen on my part before undertaking such an adventure. After meeting with a friend and now personal trainer, today is start day.

To commence, I began my day with a run around the reservoir. Approximately 2.2miles in diameter, I went once around. With half a banana before, and the rest after, I averaged a 9:37min per mile.  Not  bad but definitely room for improvement.

Enter breakfast: 

[extra pulp oj in a 4oz flight glass; tofu & avo scramble]

Using a little souvenir from Stone Brewery, I was able to portion out my oj accordingly. One does not really need a 16oz glass of oj in the ams. That’s like more than 5 organges! That’s a lot of vitamin C.

For my scramble, I cut up one of the four cubes of extra firm tofu into smaller cubes and pan seared in Earth Balance soy free butter. Then I added half of my avo to heat up, while I scrambled the egg and then poured over the the mixture. I added a bit of cayenne pepper for kick, plated and then added the other half of my avo.


[tuna mix, extra lettuce in zip lock, tuna sandwich, caesar salad; upclose of my broken plastic fork]

Mixed only a bit of light mayo with the tuna and half a can of corn. Sandwich thins used to assist in the reduction of caloric intake. The big tupperware next to the sandwich housed romaine lettuce with a bit of caesar dressing. Nothing to write home about. But do check out my broken plastic fork. Like my good friend Elise, I reuse my plastic forks. I think they’re not so long lasting for a reason. Fortunately, I was able to find the missing piece and toss it in the garbage before possibly consuming it accidentally. Elise knows what I’m talking about.

Insert some leg gym time and maybe a tortilla soup from Whole Foods, then dinner time.

[ground chix with baby bok choy; bits of ginger & red pepper flakes]

For the past few days, all I wanted was some sort of garlic/ginger/baby bok choy concoction. While at Whole Foods, I decided to make that dream come true, so I bought ground chicken. At home, I sautéed chopped garlic with some sliced ginger root in Earth Balance, then added in the ground chicken. Once the chicken was almost cooked, I squeezed half a lime on top, then tossed the baby bok choy in.

Since I am now making a concerted effort to eat more brown rice, I got some long and short grain combo from the bulk bins at WF. Plated the chicken and bok choy combo over the rice and sprinkled some red pepper flakes for an extra kick. This makes it good. Promise.

And so, as the days of our lives turn, I think it was a pretty successful day one, don’t you think? I welcome suggestions for healthy, easy prep and tasty meals because I know that there will be days where I will end up in boringtown and it’ll end up as a “fried” rice sorta meal. Definitely going to need to branch out from that one, so let me know. I embrace new recipes!

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