29 and counting…

It’s been a week now since I turned 29. A few weeks ago, I was dreading it because it meant being that much closer to being 30 and I was not okay with that. The day of my birth came and it was rather delightful turning a year older.

I am thankful for my wonderful family, friends and the positivity that surrounds me. Here’s how the day, week, maybe the whole month has been looking:

[L: delicious bacon flavored soda; R: painted with a party nail]

[more bacon (and eggs) in my life for breakfast]

[L: tulips from boss; R: mini carrot cake from lunch with bosses]

[L: Korean BBQ in Westwood; R: bro bro & I outside of Royce Hall pre-RadioLab show]

[Gingergrass lunch of banana leaf fish]

Combine great food, drinks, shows, concerts, company, ambiance and you have one stellar birthday. I didn’t get crazy. I literally soaked up all the goodness that I was presented with and I continue to look forward to all the positives that continue to come my way. Many many many thanks to everyone I love. =)

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